Welcome to Café Lily

Cafe Lily was founded by Lily Janelle is the early 2000s. Lily had originally worked in a corporate office but quit her job to follow her dreams of owning a cute, comfortable cafe. The cafe is decorated with flowers and people love to relax in the bright, cozy environment.


Our cafe offers an array of unique services suited for all individuals. Check out our options below!

Daily Specials

We offer daily specials every day of the week. Mondays are grilled pineapple latter, Tuesdays are vanilla bean ice coffee, Wednesdays are cold brew coffee soda floats, Thursdays are Coconut Iced Coffee With Mini Chocolate Glazed Coffee Doughnuts,Fridays are Brown sugar ice coffee, and Saturdays are home-made coconut lattes.

Environment Friendly

As a cafe designated for young people, we seek to spread awareness of environment related issues by using eco-friendly products. We use compostable and renewable cups and plates. Our cafe is decorated with natural flowers, so feel free to stop by.

Free Wifi

Our Cafe also provides free internet for anyone who just wants to come, sit, and complete work. We are a cute and comfortable cafe hoping to provide everyone a safe place to relax.

Plant-based Alternatives

Our fourth speciality is we provide plant-based alternatives. If you prefer vegan, kosher, dairy-free, or any another special menu, let us know and we'll provide to your needs. What better place to visit than Cafe Lily!


All Espressos - $4.50

Our espresso beans are grown on Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro.

All Tea - $3.50

Our tea leaves were finely grown in South Asia and China.

Iced Coffee - $4.00

These iced coffees are all you need to escape the summer heat.

Hot Chocolate - $3.50

Our Hot Chocolate is the best for the cold. Buckle up and stop by!

Bottled Drinks- $3.00

Our bottled drinks are fresh and safe for all!

Our Team

Lily Janelle


Ms. Janelle has put her sweat and tears to make her dream of a cozy, relaxed café into a reality. Starting from the early 2000s, Ms. Janelle has strived to make this place into a place of dreams.

Kyle River


Mr. River gives fast service and speaks three languages including ASL. He makes everyone feel welcome and has been with us for 5 years! He has worked as a cashier for Starbucks and Applebees.

Kelly Yang


Ms. Yang has been with us for 4 years and has given the best service to all of our customers! As a waitress, her dream is to ensure every person entering our cafe feels like it's nothing less than a home.

Louis Gonzales


Mr. Gonzalez has prior experience working in Italy. He's been with us for 6 years and makes the best drinks in town!From the finest streets of Venice to Cafe Lily, Mr. Gonzalez has always given his best.

Trusted and Support By

Gordan Ramsey

World famous Chef, Gordan Ramsey always comes to the cafe whenever he's in town. Stop by!

Dan Barber

Dan Barber, one of the world's most influential chefs, is one of our sponsers and is in love with our menus!

Bun Lai

Bun Lai, Hong-Kong born American chef is one of our major donors, donating over $15,000 yearly.

Andy Levitt

Andy Levitt is our plant-based alternatives sponsor. For every plant-based meal, he donates $200 to our cafe.


Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns using the form below! Our staff will assist you as soon as possible!